Dan Peacock
UX Designer
Austin, TX

"Design is so simple. That’s why it is so complicated." - Paul Rand

Welcome! I'm Dan and this is my tiny spot of the internet. I'm a UX Designer based in Austin, Texas. This website serves as a showcase and kind of resume for me. All the usual social links are on the page if you want to see more.

Quick Note: My UX research indicates that most people don't read this stuff, so I'll be as brief as possible .

What type of "UX" am I?

I've been working in the field since the late 90s when the role was more, "Web Designer". I consider myself to be more of a UX Designer because that's what I enjoy the most. My primary focus has always been on usability and accessibility. I've worked for Government entities for the last 10 years so I get a lot of exposure to their wants and needs.

What Do I Do in the Field of UX Design?

I've worked on many projects but the highlights range from a multi-year, agile scrum team, state security licensing system encompassing mobile and web application solutions. To a single UX person working on a SaaS-like product supporting statewide consolidation of licensing and permitting applications and renewals, across subscribing agencies. The SaaS solution follows a specific product road map.

All the projects listed use a cloud based infrastructure with application components leveraging reusable existing products. For example, a microservice platform and common checkout service.

What Are My Relevant UX-related Skills?

Specifically my role encompasses:

  • Meeting with the product team to discuss requirements.
  • Creating wire frames and high fidelity mockups for pages and flows. (usually via Sketch and Invision).
  • User testing pages and flows (where applicable).
  • Defining and designing components and interactivity via a design system and style guide.
  • HTML and CSS Asset creation.
  • Accessibility testing where appropriate. Typically a QA was responsible for accessibility testing at the end of each sprint. I would act as more of a guide for the requirements.
I'm usually involved in marketing efforts like web pages and branding/print work. You can read specifically about my UX process in the Portfolio sections.


I have a degree in IT Systems. I've completed the Lean UX Bootcamp with Jeff Gothelf and I have a UX Designer certification from The Team W. I've also completed the UX Designer and Javascript certifications from Udemy.

When I'm not in front of the computer, I'm playing bass guitar, video games, or enjoying a movie... or 3!

Feel free to have a look around.